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Transform Your Career with Adobe RoboHelp

From beginner to expert in just two days!
Unlock the full potential of digital authoring with our Adobe RoboHelp Training. Learn to craft exceptional online help, policy, and knowledge base content with industry experts.

Experience a transformative journey in digital publishing. Enhance your skills, master RoboHelp, and make a mark in your professional world.

Elevate Your RoboHelp Skills with Top-Tier Training

Join the ranks of successful professionals with IconLogic’s proven training approach. Learn from the best to be the best.

At IconLogic, you will not just learn; you will experience a transformation of your understanding and proficiency with Adobe RoboHelp.

Our training program is recognized for its excellence, empowering thousands of professionals to excel in their careers. With a blend of expert instruction and practical, real-world exercises, you’ll learn the essentials of RoboHelp and master them.

Be a part of this transformative experience and advance your career with our top-tier Adobe RoboHelp training.


Thorough evaluation of your training skills, complete with confidential feedback to refine your approach.


Thorough evaluation of your training skills, complete with confidential feedback to refine your approach.


Thorough evaluation of your training skills, complete with confidential feedback to refine your approach.


Thorough evaluation of your training skills, complete with confidential feedback to refine your approach.

Turn Complex Data into Captivating Visual Stories with Adobe RoboHelp

Overcome the challenge of presenting dense information in a way that captivates and informs.

The realm of digital content is cluttered with data. The challenge, therefore, is to captivate. To deliver content that resonates.

How often have you struggled to present complex data in a way that’s not only clear but also engaging?

How many times do we overlook essential information due to lackluster presentation?

Adobe RoboHelp is your ally in this battle.

Our training empowers you to transform dense, intricate data into visual stories that not only inform but also inspire. By focusing on popular formats like HTMLHelp, Frameless, and Responsive HTML5, we ensure that your content is not only visually appealing but also versatile and accessible across various platforms.

Why Choose Adobe RoboHelp?

The ultimate solution for your documentation needs

Adobe RoboHelp stands at the forefront of documentation software. Discover how its cutting-edge features can revolutionize the way you create, manage, and publish content.

Advanced Content Creation

Easily produce professional-looking documents with state-of-the-art editing tools and customizable templates.

Dynamic Content Management

Streamline content organization with version control and efficient team collaboration features.

Multi-Platform Publishing

Publish across various platforms and formats, including web, mobile, and print, to reach a wider audience.

Enhanced User Experience

Offer a better reading experience with dynamic content filters and responsive HTML5 layouts.

Integration and Scalability

RoboHelp seamlessly integrates with other Adobe products and third-party tools, making it suitable for small and large teams.

Robohelp Training is for

  • Technical Writers to present complex technical data into clear, engaging content.
  • Content Developers to create impactful content that resonates with audiences.
  • Instructional Designers to create interactive and educational material that captivates learners.
  • Beginners in Documentation to build a strong foundation in help system creation and documentation.
  • Consultants to enhance your consultancy with advanced documentation strategies.
  • Corporate Training Professionals to develop effective, user-friendly training guides and manuals.

Dive Deeper into Adobe RoboHelp

Go beyond the basics with an in-depth exploration of Adobe RoboHelp. Learn how this powerful tool can streamline your documentation process and enhance user experience.

Course Benefits:
Elevate Your Skills with Us

Our course offers live, interactive sessions with experts, a detailed workbook for reference, and class recordings for on-demand learning.

Choose the format that suits your learning style:

Beginner Training (Live Online)


  • Direct interaction with the instructor for real-time learning
  • 2 days Live, instructor-led online training
  • Immediate feedback.
This is for you if you prefer a structured, interactive learning environment with immediate support.

Beginner On Demand (Class Recording)


  • Self-guided learning without live interaction and feedback
  • On-demand, allowing you to learn at your own pace
  • Pre-recorded, hands-on, instructor-led course
Best for those who prefer learning independently or have time constraints that prevent attending live sessions.

The Live Instructor Experience

With our live training, you always win
Our course offers live, interactive sessions with experts, a course workbook and all of the course assets, and class recordings for on-demand learning.

Live Training Advantage

Experience personalized learning with private instructors
Discover the unmatched value of live, instructor-led training. Engage directly with an expert, receive personalized feedback, and adapt the learning to your specific needs.

Perfect for Beginners and
Intermediate Users of RoboHelp

Whether you’re new to RoboHelp or looking to polish your skills, our course caters to all levels. Step into a learning environment that grows with you.

Upcoming session schedule:

Jan / 29 -30 / 2024
10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., EST

Real Stories, Real Results

Read their success stories and see how our Adobe RoboHelp training has propelled their careers and skillsets.


Discover More About IconLogic

Your partner in professional development

IconLogic, established in 1992, specializes in professional training, particularly in eLearning development and step-by-step workbooks. They offer a broad spectrum of instructor-led training courses, covering tools like Adobe Captivate, Articulate Storyline, and Adobe RoboHelp. Their services extend to private training, certifications, consulting, and development services.

Known for its high-quality, engaging, and interactive eLearning courses, IconLogic has a notable reputation among commercial and government clients. Their commitment to professional development is clear: their instructors are highly qualified, and they’ve produced a range of superb resources designed to achieve effective learning outcomes.


Every question is a step towards clarity. Browse through our FAQ to find answers to common queries about the course, the certification, and how it can be a game-changer for your career.

What is the class cancellation policy?

Class registrations cancelled more than 15 days prior to the originally purchased class date will be issued a refund, less an administrative fee equal to 10% of the total class price.

Class registrations cancelled within 14-8 days prior to the class date will be issued a refund, less an administrative fee equal to 50% of the total class price.

Class registrations cancelled within 7 days of the class date will not receive a refund. If students are unable to attend class due to illness or other unforeseen circumstances, they will be given access to a class recording or be invited to attend the class at a later date. If the class is no longer available, no refunds will be issued.

Students who are not logged in or present for class within 10 minutes of class start time, without 24-hours notice of absence, will forfeit their tuition.

What if I want to reschedule a class registration?

As a courtesy, we allow one class reschedule per registration. The reschedule must be for a date already on our schedule but does not have to be for the next scheduled class. We do allow customers to substitute a different student but cannot re-ship class materials already shipped to the original registrant. If a substitute student would like a new set of class materials, orders can be placed via our online store by selecting the appropriate book title. No-shows will not be rescheduled.

I already have the course workbook. Can the price of the workbook be subtracted from the class price?
The online class workbook is a free gift with registration; therefore, the book price cannot be subtracted from the class price. If you already have a book, consider giving the second one away as a gift to your favorite human. Everyone loves learning!
What is IconLogic's book return policy?

IconLogic, Inc. warrants that all services provided shall be in accordance with recognized industry standards. Our goal is to ensure you benefit from our services and believe our unique blend of expertise and methodology will deliver an effective and rewarding result.

Should you be dissatisfied with one of our training classes, you may request to take the class again for free within 6 months of your original class date, subject to course and seat availability. Re-takes are only applicable for like versions of software (ie: if you are attending a session for a second time, it must be for the same version, even if a newer version’s class is running).

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