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Master Adobe Captivate with IconLogic –
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Whether you’re a beginner or looking to gain advanced skills with Adobe Captivate, our comprehensive instructor-led training will help.

Embark on a learning journey to get certified with IconLogic’s Adobe Captivate courses. Each course is a stepping stone to certification,
ensuring you’re not just learning—you’re excelling.

It’s the All new Captivate

A Training Experience
Tailored TO maximize Learning

Expert Instruction, Hands-On Practice, and Real-World Application

At IconLogic, we don’t just teach; we immerse you in a learning experience that’s been refined to transform your eLearning development skills. With real-world scenarios and hands-on projects, our expert instructors guide you through the essential features of Adobe Captivate.

Harness the Power of Visuals in Learning

Unleash the Potential of Engaging, Story-Driven Content

Visual storytelling becomes necessary in a world where attention is a currency. Our training emphasizes the art of creating compelling eLearning courses that captivate attention and enhance retention. Frustrated by boring courses?

Our virtual classes are incredibly engaging and interactive.

Adobe Captivate – The Key to

Build Courses that Engage, Educate, and Evaluate Effectively

Adobe Captivate is more than software; it’s a gateway to creating. From software simulations to soft skills training, every Captivate course you create will have a better chance of success after your IconLogic training.

unleash the all New –
Adobe Captivate

Where Cutting-Edge Features Meet Streamlined Course Creation

Step into the future with Adobe Captivate 12. This latest version brings many new features designed to streamline your course creation process. Our training helps you master these innovations, making every project more efficient and engaging.

Also known as Adobe Captivate 12

Master the Original –
Captivate Classic Training

Your Foundation for Creating effective eLearning Content

Captivate Classic has set the standard for eLearning development. Our course lays the groundwork, teaching you to navigate and utilize the core features that have made Captivate classic the go-to professional tool trainers for worldwide.

Choose Your Captivate Path –
Classic Foundations or Innovative Heights

Understanding the Key Differences to Make an Informed Decision

Each version of Captivate brings its strengths to the table. Whether you value the tried-and-true robustness of Classic or the simplified workflow and responsive features of the all new Adobe Captivate, our side-by-side comparison will help you decide which one is right for you.


  • Interface
  • Assets
  • Responsive Design
  • Interactivity
  • Quizzes
  • VR & 360
  • Support & Updates
  • Live, Online Courses

Captivate Classic

  • More robust tools
  • Responsive, standard, video demo, virtual reality modes
  • Responsive and Scaleable projects
  • Three, 3-hours courses
  • More quizzing options
  • More robust features that take longer to learn
  • Support ends in 2027
  • for the bundle with 3 live courses

Captivate 12

  • Modern, intuitive UI
  • One development mode
  • Responsive only
  • One, 2-day course
  • Fewer questions types but resolve alignment issues inherent in classic
  • Fewer features, faster learning curve
  • Ongoing updates & innovations
  • for the live two day live training

Private Training Advantage –
Where Focus Meets Personalization

Live Training That Wins Every Time

IconLogic’s live, private training exceeds public training. Engage with instructors who respond to your pace, tailor content to your needs, and prioritize your learning outcomes. It’s not just about instruction—it’s about personal mentorship.

Is This Course Right for You?

If you’re passionate about creating impactful eLearning experiences, this course is for you. Join a community of professionals who are reshaping the world of digital education.

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With over 20 years of dedicated service in professional training, IconLogic stands at the forefront of e-learning innovation. Our history is built on unwavering commitment to your growth and success in the digital learning space.

Let Us Guide You to the Perfect Training Solution

If you’re passionate about creating impactful eLearning experiences, this course is for you. Join a community of professionals who are reshaping the world of digital education.

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Custom Training for Unique Needs

Explore our training solutions, tailor-made to suit your organization’s specific eLearning challenges.


Every question is a step towards clarity. Browse through our FAQ to find answers to common queries about the course, the certification, and how it can be a game-changer for your career.

What is the class cancellation policy?

Class registrations cancelled more than 15 days prior to the originally purchased class date will be issued a refund, less an administrative fee equal to 10% of the total class price.

Class registrations cancelled within 14-8 days prior to the class date will be issued a refund, less an administrative fee equal to 50% of the total class price.

Class registrations cancelled within 7 days of the class date will not receive a refund. If students are unable to attend class due to illness or other unforeseen circumstances, they will be given access to a class recording or be invited to attend the class at a later date. If the class is no longer available, no refunds will be issued.

Students who are not logged in or present for class within 10 minutes of class start time, without 24-hours notice of absence, will forfeit their tuition.

What if I want to reschedule a class registration?

As a courtesy, we allow one class reschedule per registration. The reschedule must be for a date already on our schedule but does not have to be for the next scheduled class. We do allow customers to substitute a different student but cannot re-ship class materials already shipped to the original registrant. If a substitute student would like a new set of class materials, orders can be placed via our online store by selecting the appropriate book title. No-shows will not be rescheduled.

Can I re-take a class?

IconLogic, Inc. warrants that all services provided shall be in accordance with recognized industry standards. Our goal is to ensure you benefit from our services and believe our unique blend of expertise and methodology will deliver an effective and rewarding result.

Should you be dissatisfied with one of our training classes, you may request to take the class again for free within 6 months of your original class date, subject to course and seat availability. Re-takes are only applicable for like versions of software (ie: if you are attending a session for a second time, it must be for the same version, even if a newer version’s class is running).

I already have the course workbook. Can the price of the workbook be subtracted from the class price?
The online class workbook is a free gift with registration; therefore, the book price cannot be subtracted from the class price. If you already have a book, consider giving the second one away as a gift to your favorite human. Everyone loves learning!